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by Arlen Hershey

The iPod is an MP3 player made by Apple. It comes in various models and styles, such as the iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. But no matter what type of iPod it is, the main function of the device is playing music. The process by which you download music onto an iPod is moderately easy but requires a home computer and the appropriate software. Putting music on your iPod shouldn't take longer than a few minutes.


Download iTunes. Before you put songs onto your iPod, put them in iTunes. Apple offers a free download, and the program makes organizing music on your computer easy and compatible with an iPod. You can buy songs directly from the iTunes Store, drag MP3s into iTunes from folders on your computer, or rip CDs directly to iTunes.


Find the USB cable that came with the iPod when you bought it. Plug the smaller end into a USB port on your computer, and the wider end into your iPod. Your computer will automatically recognize your iPod, and iTunes will open. In iTunes' left column, the iPod icon will be visible. If you click "Music" immediately below the icon, you will see the music currently on the device. If this is your first time putting music on your iPod, there won't be any songs listed.


Drag a song from your main iTunes library and drop it on the iPod icon in the left column. The iPod icon should flash once, indicating that the song is copying itself onto the device. The download will take less than a minute. Do this with each song you want on your iPod. Hold down the "Ctrl" key and click each song you want to select multiple songs at once. If you want to see which songs are in your iPod's library, click "Music" just below the iPod icon to see the tracks.


Eject the iPod from your computer once you've finished transferring songs. If you place your cursor immediately right of the iPod icon, an eject button will appear. Click it once. Once the iPod icon disappears, you can safely remove the device from the computer by unplugging the USB cord. Plug a pair of headphones into the iPod and listen to the music you downloaded.

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