Infocus 4805 Troubleshooting

By William Pullman

The Infocus 4805 is a projector released in 2004 as part of the Screenplay line of projectors. The 4805 can project media played on DVD players, VCRs or computers. There are times when the 4805 will not operate as intended. You can troubleshoot problems with the projector and fix common problems.

Error Indicator Light

The Infocus 4805 is equipped with a error indicator light that flashes when there is a problem with the projector. The number of times the indicator flashes is a code for the problem with the machine. Some of the problems are easily fixed while others are more serious and require the assistance of a trained service technician. The LED will remain off for two seconds between each error code flash. Take note of the error code and make the appropriate fixes.

Error Codes

The indicator light will flash between one and five times. Each number of blinks is a different error code and requires specific troubleshooting steps.

When the indicator flashes once, the lamp has unsuccessfully tried to turn on five times. Open the lamp door on the back right of the projector and check that the lamp is properly inserted in the machine and that there are no loose connections.

If the indicator flashes twice, the lamp hours counter has surpassed the lamp life hours. The lamp should be replaced at this time and the counter should be reset. To reset the lamp hours counter, press the "Menu" button and choose "Settings." Select "Service" and choose "Lamp Reset" to reset the counter. This should only be done when a new lamp is installed in the 4805.

Three flashes means that the projector has shut down by itself. To fix this issue, first check if the lamp door is open and shut it if needed. Next, turn the power off, wait for a minute, and turn the power on again. The lamp should turn on within a minute of turning the power on. If it doesn't, you will need to contact technical support.

When the 4805 indicator light flashes four times, the fan has failed. Contact technical support for assistance.

Five flashes indicates the 4805 is overheating. First check that the air vents on the back of the projector are not blocked or dirty. Move any objects away from the vents or clean it as needed. Next, check that the lamp housing screens aren't full of dust and other debris. To clean the lamp housing screens, remove the lamp door and the lamp housing from the projector. Look at the screens and clean them off as needed. When finished, replace the housing and the door and resume normal operation. If this does not fix the error, contact technical support.

To contact technical support, visit the support section of the Infocus website (the link is located in the Resources section below).