The Influences of the Telephone on Life

By Gina Scott

The invention of the telephone connected generations like never before.
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Several key inventions have changed the world over time. The printing press is one of the most impactful creations because it enabled mass-produced communication that distributed information to countless populations. Like the printing press, the invention of the telephone also provided contact with the outer world like never before. People were able to reach out to loved ones and make business contacts in a new way and its impact is still felt in everyday life.

Decreased Mail Usage

One of the most obvious influences of the telephone was having less need for regular mail. When people suddenly had the opportunity to connect verbally, their need to use the postal service and purchase stamps and mailing supplies diminished. This influenced that sector of the economy and created a brand new way of connecting.

Faster Communication

The telephone was the catalyst for many influences in the speed of communication. Presently, the phone is capable of different methods for connecting such as texting and online accessibility which provides an incredible amount of information in seconds. Although it originally began with a simple wall-mounted version, the telephone invention launched an industry that continues to evolve today.

Creation of New Industries

Because of its popularity and eventual presence in nearly everyone's life, the telephone launched many new industries. From its usage, services like voicemail and cell phones developed. These industries employed millions as new ideas from the use of the telephone created new opportunities.

Formation of New Connections

The use of a telephone easily connects people in such a way that you can meet people you normally would not. Because the phone system is more personal that a written letter, it also provides the opportunity to also share and bond unlike previous generations. While the tradition of putting pen to paper declined, hearing the voice inflection during a phone call provided the groundwork for closer relationships.

Business Globalization

One of the biggest influences of the phone on daily life is expanding the reach of business interaction. Companies found themselves no longer limited to contacting those companies just in their immediate surroundings. This had a specific impact on local businesses who perhaps never provided services beyond their own cities before the invention of the telephone.