How to Increase Wireless Distance

by Gregory Hamel

Wireless distance, or wireless range, describes how far a wireless network signal can travel and maintain enough strength for a computer to use the Internet without interruption. Wireless networking can be convenient, as it allows many computers to connect to the Internet through a single router, but poor signal strength can cause slow download speeds and intermittent connectivity. There are several steps you can take to potentially boost the effective distance of your wireless network.

Move your router to a central location away from large metal objects. Metal objects can interfere with wireless signals.

Move solid obstructions that rest between your router and computer out of the way if possible. For instance, if there is a large sofa or filing cabinet between your computer and router, moving it could improve wireless distance.

Update your wireless adapter's drivers. Click "Start," right-click "Computer," click "Manage," "Device Manager," double-click "Network Adapters," right-click on your wireless adapter and choose "Update Driver Software."

Remove cordless phones and other wireless devices from the vicinity of the router. Other wireless devices can cause interference that reduces signal range.


  • check Using network equipment made by the same company may improve connectivity.
  • check If you have old networking equipment, buying new equipment may improve signal range.
  • check Newer computers may have more powerful wireless adapters.

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