How to Increase Volume Output

by C. Taylor

Feeble audio output from a PC or laptop can ruin your enjoyment of games, video and music files. Numerous computer hardware and software components have their own dedicated volume controls and a low setting on any of these can reduce audio output and result in a disappointing listening experience. Check the audio settings for each component -- from the media player or game app to your system settings and standalone speakers -- so you can identify the weak link in the chain and correct the problem.


Look at your speakers and find the volume control. Not all speakers have these but, if present, the control will usually be on the right, front speaker. Adjust the volume control until the output is loud enough.


Check the audio or video program or app. These usually offer a slider at the bottom of the window that allows you to control volume. Sliding the marker toward the right will increase volume. This applies to software and browser embedded players as well.


Right-click the "Windows" logo on the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop screen, and then select "Control Panel" in the context menu. Select the "Hardware and Sound" button and then click "Sound" followed by "Adjust system volume." You should see separate controls for each running audio-enabled application. Slide the marker for the appropriate program to increase volume. If the overall "Speakers" setting is too low, this will also increase as you move the slider.


Look for the speaker icon in the system notification area on the Windows desktop screen. Click or double-click to access. Some sound card drivers install their own proprietary audio controls, which may also affect volume. Look for volume controls and adjust accordingly.


Look into alternative programs. Some software allows amplification of the audio output. The free VLC Media Player, for example, say it can increase audio levels up to 400%.


Invest in new speakers. If all else fails, perhaps the speakers are just too low-powered. This might well be the case with integrated laptop speakers. Look for higher-wattage speakers and plug them into the audio-out port.


  • check For standalone computer speaker systems, check that all cables are inserted in the correct output jacks and are firmly plugged in to the sockets.

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