How to Increase the Volume of Laptop Speakers

By James Clark

Use the hotkeys to adjust speaker volume on a laptop.
i laptop image by Du...¬°an Zidar from

The volume level of stereo speakers built into most laptop computers can be adjusted using the hotkeys on the keyboard. The specific keys vary with the brand of laptop, but will typically feature a small speaker icon with curved lines radiating outward to show increased volume or a speaker icon with a single curve to indicate decreasing volume. Changing the volume level takes only seconds.

Press and hold the laptop's function key, typically labeled "Fn."

Press the "up arrow" key to increase volume on laptops with a speaker icon printed on the arrow key.

Press the numbered F key on the keyboard printed with a speaker icon on laptops that use the top row of keys for volume adjustments. The speaker icon will appear on one of the numbered keys, which varies depending on the laptop model.