How to Increase Speed Through a Proxy Service

By Herman Cruz

By browsing through the server of a proxy service you are able to increase your speed.
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A proxy service hides your IP address behind its server when you browse the Net to provide anonymity and it enables you to access Web content that is restricted on a network. Another benefit a proxy service provides is a faster Internet browsing experience. This is because the proxy fetches the websites you visit through its server, so when you visit a site that uses a lot of bandwidth, your computer's speed doesn't become affected because you are not using your server to surf the Web. Fortunately, there are many proxy service options that can help you increase your speed.

Visit the Fast Proxy Network website to increase your browsing speed through its proxy service. Fast Proxy Network is a free proxy service that aside of allowing you to bypass Internet restrictions through its server, it helps you increase your browsing speed by keeping you from having to communicate with the server of the websites you want to visit. To use this proxy service, type the URL address of the website you want to visit in the text box displayed below the heading that says "Enter The Website You Wish To Anonymously Browse:" and click on the "Go" tab. You will be able to access any website faster and anonymously.

Navigate to SpeedProxy and use its service to increase speed capabilities when browsing the Internet. SpeedProxy is a Web-based proxy service that increases your browsing speed through it quick server. When using this cost-free proxy, you will be able to navigate to any website without having to use your own server. To use this service, simply add the Web address of the page you want to go to in the text box displayed at the bottom of the page. Click the "Go" tab thereafter and you will be redirected to your desired Web destination.

Use the proxy service to experience a faster browsing experience on your operating system. is a proxy site delivering a free service that gives you the ability to enhance your Internet browsing speed by surfing the worldwide Web through its server. With this proxy you can also access filtered websites and remain anonymous while you do so. To increase your Internet browsing speed using, type the address of any website you want to visit in the text field displayed at the bottom of the page, next to where it says "Site Url", and then click on the "Go" button so sends you swiftly to your desired Web destination.