How to Increase Upload Speed of Charter's 16Meg Internet

By Missy J. Talbot

If your Charter isn't going fast enough, you can speed it up.
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Charter is an Internet company that has many different types of Internet service. If you have its 16 megabyte service and you don't wish to change services or upgrade the service itself, there are some ways that you can make sure your uploads happen as smoothly as possible. When you increase your upload speed, it becomes easier to get documents, files and pictures online through your own service.

Step 1

Shut down any other program that accesses the Internet while you are uploading something. Each program that accesses that Internet uses up a portion of your bandwidth, so running multiple programs, especially on an already slow connection, will make your uploads slower.

Step 2

Close down programs that you aren't using that don't access the Internet but use computer memory. These programs slow down your computer in general, which also makes your uploads slower.

Step 3

Update your modem and router if they aren't the newest versions of the hardware. You can do this by calling the modem and router company to ask if you have the latest and most up-to-date versions. Upgrade to newer versions if you can because these will increase the upload speed as well.

Step 4

Contact Charter customer service and ask for a link to upgrade your firmware. Firmware is a type of software program that creates your connection, and if it isn't upgraded, your connection will be slower and your upload speeds will not be as fast. It is a free upgrade that you can do on your own, but Charter must tell you the site and give you the access code.