How to Increase the Sound on a Dell Laptop

by James Clark

Dell laptop computers are equipped with a pair of built-in stereo speakers to provide audio for multimedia content, such as watching videos on the web or movies on the Dell's DVD player. You can make sound adjustments can be made from the task bar on the Dell laptop, which typically uses a Microsoft operating system, or through the computer's control panel. You can access and adjust either setting in seconds using a mouse or the touch pad on the laptop keyboard.

Click once on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the laptop screen on the task bar to open the volume control.

Click and hold the slider control with the left mouse button or the left button on the touch pad, then drag the control higher to increase the volume on the built-in speakers.

Click the "Start" or Microsoft flag button in the lower left corner to access the Dell's Control Panel. Click twice on the Control Panel.

Click "Hardware and Sound" then click "Adjust System Volume" under the "Sound" listings.

Click and drag the slider control to adjust the sound level, then click the "X" box in the upper right corner to close the application.

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