How to Increase Signals With RV Antennas

By Adrian Grahams

Improve RV television reception with a signal meter or signal booster.
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Keeping up with your favorite television shows can be a challenge when enjoying life on the road in an RV. Many RVs come equipped with over-the-air television antennas or satellite dishes, but they don't always deliver clear reception. If you've parked in a remote area, the RV may be too far away from a television transmitter to pick up a strong enough TV signal. Tall buildings, trees and even nearby traffic can all block digital-television and satellite signals. If you're fed up with grainy pictures or a blank screen on your RV television set, take steps to improve your antenna's performance.

Buy a digital or satellite television signal strength meter. One of the problems with RV television reception is that the dish or antenna may not be correctly aligned with the TV transmitter. A signal strength meter will help you to lock on to the strongest signal, wherever you park your RV. Connect the signal meter to the RV's television antenna or satellite dish, and rotate the antenna as you normally do. Monitor the meter's signal level display, and lock the antenna in place when the signal is strongest. Repeat this each time you move the RV.

Check the coaxial cable linking the RV television set to the antenna or satellite dish. If you find any rips or fraying along the cable, replace it. Use high quality RG-6 coaxial cable for minimum signal loss.

Replace the RV antenna with a preamplified television antenna system. Preamplified antennas boost weak incoming television signals enough to allow satisfactory TV reception on most available channels. They require a power supply, though, so take this into account before installing a system. Consider a plug-in indoor television signal booster as an alternative to replacing the entire system.

Avoid parking the RV in low valleys or areas screened by obstructions, such as high buildings, tall trees or hills and mountains. To maximize television signal strength, park on high ground whenever possible.