How to Increase the Ringer Volume on a Meridian Phone

By Lisa Rusczyk

Adjusting the ringer volume on a Meridian phone is easy.
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Meridian phones feature keys that look like this: <<<| |>>>. Use these keys to adjust the ring tone on your Meridian phone. If you do not have your user manual, this article will walk you through the steps of increasing the volume on your Meridian phone. You will need a second phone to do this, or have someone call you. The volume can only be adjusted when the phone is ringing.

Raising the Volume on a Meridian Phone

Locate the <<<| |>>> keys on your phone.

Either use a second phone to call your Meridian phone, or have a friend call your phone.

Press the up button while the phone is ringing. Once you are satisfied with the volume, stop pressing the key and your calls should come in at a higher volume.