How to Increase the Memory of an HP Laserjet 6P

by Jason Artman

The HP LaserJet 6P is a laser printer with 2 MB of internal memory. While this may have been sufficient for the small documents of yesteryear, if you continue to use this printer today, you may find that the document printing speed is not what you might like it to be. Speed issues with the LaserJet 6P happen because the printer must wait for data to be received from the computer each time its internal memory is emptied. The LaserJet 6P has room for up to 48 MB of additional memory, and you may find that installing memory greatly increases the speed of the LaserJet 6P when printing large documents.

Push the "Go" and "Self Test" buttons on the LaserJet 6P control panel simultaneously. The printer prints a test page showing the current configuration. The configuration shows any expansion modules for fonts that are currently installed. Turn the printer off.

Remove all cables from the back of the LaserJet 6P.

Press the latch on the right side of the LaserJet 6P to release the top lid. Lift the lid of the printer.

Press the latch on the left side of the LaserJet 6P to release the cover on the left side. You should see two indicator arrows next to the release latch. Pull the cover toward you until the two arrows line up, and then lift the cover off of the LaserJet 6P to reveal the three memory slots.

Position a memory module so that the cutout in the module faces down. Slide the metal contacts on the bottom of the module into an empty memory slot at an angle. After inserting the contacts fully, tilt the module until it stands upright. The metal clips on the sides of the memory slot grip the module when it is installed properly. Repeat this process with each LaserJet 6P memory module that you want to install.

Replace the cover over the left side of the LaserJet 6P, and lower the top lid.

Replace the cables on the back of the LaserJet 6P, and turn the printer on.

Print a second test page to confirm that the LaserJet 6P recognizes the new memory.


  • check The HP LaserJet 6P is compatible with 72-pin SIMMs, such as the type you might find in an older computer. If you prefer original HP parts, however, the part number for the 16 MB SIMM compatible with the LaserJet 6P is C3146A.
  • check Each font module installed in the LaserJet 6P takes up one memory slot and reduces the maximum memory capacity of the printer. Bear this in mind when purchasing additional memory unless you are willing to remove a font module.
  • check The instructions in this article also apply to the HP LaserJet 6MP, with two exceptions: the LaserJet 6MP has 3 MB of internal memory rather than 2 MB, and has two memory expansion slots rather than three.

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