How to Increase Cable Speed on Mediacom

By Greyson Ferguson

Connect to the Internet at a faster speed.
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Mediacom is a cable television provider that also specializes in phone and Internet service. If you subscribe to the Mediacom cable package and opt for the Internet connection, you receive your high-speed connection via cable modem (instead of DSL). If you want the fastest speed possible with your Mediacom Internet connection, there are a few different connection options and adjustments available for you.

Contact Mediacom (number not available on the website but listed on the top of your monthly billing statement) and request to upgrade to the "Mediacom VIP Online" service package. This is the fastest Internet connection the company provides and costs about $29.95 a month (as of June 2010).

Check the cable connection running from your Mediacom cable modem to your computer. If the cable connection is not secure, your Internet speed drops off.

Clear out the Internet history, cookies and cache of your Internet browser. As these begin to build up, your Internet speed drops off. You may clear the information from your Internet browser through the "Tools" tab.

Adjust the reserved bandwidth down to zero percent. All computers have a limit of around 20 percent. This prevents the computer from using the entire Internet speed at one time. This is done to prevent the computer's modem from using all of the RAM on the system, however you do lose 20 percent of the overall connection speed. Click "Start" and "Run" (or hold down "Windows" and "R" in Vista and Windows 7) and type in "gpedit.msc" and press "Enter." Choose "Computer Configuration, "Administrative Templates," "Network," "QOS Packet Scheduler" and finally "Limit Reservable Bandwidth." Click "Next Setting," then set the bandwidth limit to "0." Click "Apply" and the Internet connection instantly becomes faster.