How to View Incoming Comcast Calls on My TV

By MayankJ

Comcast services provide cable TV, Internet and phone service for customers. Whether the customer chooses to have only one service or any combination of services, the price and options available will vary. Customers who use both a cable service and a phone service through Comcast can have incoming calls displayed on the TV through the Comcast Universal Caller ID.

Call the local Comcast provider number to find out whether the service is available in your local area. While Comcast does provide a Universal Caller ID to customers without further charge, some locations do not have the service available. Call 800-Comcast to ask for information about the location.

Install Comcast phone, Internet and TV services. Only customers that have all three services can use the Universal Caller ID because mixed services will not provide the information. Ensure that the box provided for cable service is compatible with the caller ID service.

Turn on the TV. The service will automatically work when the TV is turned on and a call comes through. The exact location where the number displays will differ depending on whether the show is regular programming or an On Demand show.