In Facebook, If You Block Someone Will You See Their Friend Comments?

By Carolyn Luck

Facebook blocking means less comments.
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Business owners who use Facebook for marketing purposes may wish to safeguard their personal information from users they find to be acting in a negative or abusive manner. While blocking restricts interaction with most of your personal Timeline features, your Facebook pages operate under a more public setting. Generally, when you block someone, you won’t see their comments, but this does not apply to all Facebook features. Added steps may be necessary to block Facebook users from commenting on your Facebook pages.

What is Blocking?

Blocking is a privacy feature that prevents any direct interaction between two Facebook users. Blocking prevents a person from viewing your personal Timeline, posts or comments on mutual friends’ Timelines. Facebook connections are broken upon blocking. Although it is initiated by only one party, the blocking process is mutual, removing ties in both directions.

What Happens When You Block Someone?

When you block a Facebook user, your Timeline will become invisible to that person and vice versa. You will no longer appear in the user's friend lists or search results. Blocking someone is not guaranteed to prevent all interaction. It applies specifically to your personal Timeline, and it will not extend to your business pages, external sites or third-party applications. You may see Facebook interaction that took place prior to the block, such as older messages, Timeline posts, photos, mutual group stories and events. Most of these can be deleted after the block.

How to Block

Upon logging in, use the “Blocked People and Apps” option on your “Privacy Settings” page to manage your block lists. Enter the name or email address of the Facebook user you wish to block in the space provided on your “Manage Blocking” page. The block will take effect immediately. It's confidential, so the user will not receive notice of the block. He may, however, realize that he can no longer view your Timeline, see any of your Facebook activity or find you in Facebook search results.

Pages and Blocking

Pages are public places, managed by admins with personal Timelines. Facebook members whom you block from your personal account will still be able to view and comment on your Facebook business pages unless you ban them. Blocked Facebook members who connect with your business page can't view your personal information or Timeline, or find you in search results. Unless you use the “Featured Page Owners” option to display a list of admins on your page, people who connect to your page will not see your admin status. Remove or permanently ban someone from your page using the Admin panel that appears at the top of the page. This prevents the user from posting, commenting on posts and sharing page content elsewhere.