IMS Radio Network Stations

By Todd Bowerman

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Radio Network features over 400 affiliate radio stations in the United States, as well as satellite radio broadcasts and programming through the LeSea Broadcasting network. If you're looking for a station to tune into for the latest IMS events, tuning in may be easier than you think.

Traditional Radio

The IMS Radio Network broadcasts on hundreds of channels through traditional AM/FM signals. Listeners in Indiana can choose from AM 1190 or 1380 in Fort Wayne, AM 1010 in Columbus, FM 102.5 in New Castle or AM 1440 in Portland.

Satellite Radio

Subscribers to Sirius/XM satellite radio can tune into the IMS networks coverage of the Indianapolis 500 on Sirius channel 211 and XM channel 145. Be sure to check the broadcast schedule to ensure the event you wish to listen to will be covered by the network, as not all IMS events are broadcast.

Other Listening Options

Many of the local radio stations that broadcast the IMS Radio Network offer online streams, meaning listeners do not have to be in their broadcast range to tune in. 94.1 FM in Calcium, New York, 94.5 FM in Birmingham, Alabama and 95.3 FM in Clinton, Missouri all offer online streams. Listeners can also tune in using shortwave radios via the LeSea Broadcasting Network, and those in the military can listen through the American Forces Radio Network.