How to Improve Lousy Verizon DSL Internet Speed

By Chanel Adams

DSL modems receive data from phone lines.
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Your DSL Internet shares a connection with the telephones in your home or business. Since they share lines, they may create interference with each other. This interference may slow down your DSL Internet speed at times. Improve your DSL speed by preventing such interference from happening. Alternatively, you may have to contact your telephone provider to upgrade your package or have a technician look at your DSL connection.

Step 1

Install DSL filter dongles in any used phone outlet of your house. Unplug your phone; insert the dongle into the outlet, then plug the phone into the dongle. This prevents interference from occurring on your connection.

Step 2

Contact your Verizon DSL provider. Ask them to install a POTS-Splitter on your phone line. Set a time and place for when you will be home.

Step 3

Upgrade your Verizon DSL package. They may provide you with a package that has faster DSL speed. You will, however, have to pay more.

Step 4

Contact your Verizon DSL provider. Have a technician visit your house, if none of the above steps works. He or she should be able to diagnose the underlying problem.