How to Improve the Sound on a Flat Screen TV

By Jean Asta

Enjoy an audio experience as good as your visual one.
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Flat screen sets have revolutionized the way that we watch television. But the speakers that are built into your flat screen might not be as great as the picture. To get the best sound on a flat screen, you'll need to invest in some dedicated speakers. You can try to improve the sound quality without additional speakers, but you will not enjoy a true home theater experience without adding some additional equipment.

Identify the location of the built-in speakers on your flat panel television. Position the television so there are no obstructions to the speakers. If you are still not satisfied with the sound, move to Step 2.

Purchase and install surround sound speakers. If you don't want a cluttered look, consider a speaker bar. Speaker bars are installed on the television's top or bottom edge, so there are no speakers to position around the room. If you prefer a full surround-sound system but don't want wires, you can purchase a wireless surround sound system.

Experiment with the audio modes available on the television. Most have several options to suit various types of audio.

Position the seating in the room so that your main seating area is centered among the speakers.