How to Import Yahoo! Bookmarks & Toolbar to Firefox

by Chris Hoffman

The Yahoo! Toolbar and Yahoo! Bookmarks service both support Mozilla Firefox. If you're switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox, you can install the Yahoo! Toolbar and keep using it in your new Web browser. You can access your Yahoo! Bookmarks normally from the website or using the bookmarks menu on the Yahoo! Toolbar. You can also import your Yahoo! Bookmarks directly into the Mozilla Firefox system. After importing them, you can access them directly from Firefox's built-in bookmarks menu.

Import Yahoo! Bookmarks

Open the Yahoo! Bookmarks website at, and sign in with your username and password.

Click the "Tools" link at the upper right corner of the Yahoo! Bookmarks page.

Click "Export Bookmarks" on the tools page.

Click "Firefox Bookmarks" under "Select Export Format."

Click the "Export" button, and then click "Save" to save the bookmarks.htm file to your computer.

Click the "Firefox" button in Firefox, and select "Bookmarks."

Click the "Import and Backup" menu at the top of the Bookmarks library window, and select "Import HTML."

Click "Next."

Browse to the "bookmarks.htm" file on your computer and double-click it.

Install Yahoo! Toolbar

Open the Yahoo! Toolbar website at in Firefox.

Click the "Download Now" button on the Web page; then click "I Agree."

Click the "Allow" button on the information bar that appears at the top of the Web page; then click the "Install" button to confirm.

Click "Restart Firefox."


  • Click the "Bookmarks" button, and click "Organize Bookmarks" if you don't see the "Firefox" button.

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