How to Import Wallpaper Onto an iPhone (10 Steps)

By Rebecca Mecomber

The selection of sample wallpapers on the iPhone is attractive, but you may prefer seeing your own customized or personal images on your lock and home screens. You can easily snap a photo with your phone and set it as wallpaper, but an image that is stored on your computer or you find on a website requires a few more steps. For quick and simple importing on a regular basis, create a separate folder on your computer named "iPhone Wallpapers" and store your wallpaper images there. You can sync the wallpapers you want without picking through individual folders every time you sync photos via iTunes.

Import Via iTunes

Step 1

Plug your iPhone into your computer with the charging cable and wait for iTunes to start automatically. If it doesn't start, double-click the iTunes icon.

Step 2

Click your iPhone's name in the iTunes Devices panel. Click "Photos."

Step 3

Click the box next to "Sync Photos from." Select the folder with your wallpapers or locate your "iPhone Wallpapers" folder by clicking the drop-down menu next to "Sync Photos from." Click the radio dial next to "Selected folders" and select additional subfolders in the "Folders" box, if you want.

Click the "Apply" button.

Import Via Email

Step 1

Create an email message on your computer. Attach the wallpaper image or drag the image into the body of the email. Address the email to your iPhone email account.

Step 2

Press the "Home" button on your iPhone. Tap the "Mail" app icon. Tap the new email to open it.

Tap the image and select "Save to Camera Roll." The Mail app saves the photo in your "Photos" app under "Camera Roll." To assign the image to wallpaper, tap the "Photos" app and tap "Camera Roll." Tap the image and tap the small settings icon that depicts an arrow in a box. Tap "Use as Wallpaper." Tap "Set" and choose whether you want the wallpaper on your lock screen or home screen.

Copy Photos from Website

Step 1

Open the Safari app on the iPhone and browse to the website image.

Step 2

Tap and hold the image.

Tap the "Save Image" button. Alternatively, you can browse to the website on your computer, right-click and select "Save Image" and store the image in your "iPhone Wallpapers" folder. ITunes will import the image on your computer automatically when you sync your photos.