How to Import Video to CyberLink PowerDirector

by Stephen Lilley

CyberLink PowerDirector is a type of computer program called a "non-linear video editing" program. It allows you to take digital video clips and edit them together into something that resembles a real live movie. To edit these video clips together, you must first import them into the main file library of CyberLink PowerDirector. This can be done in just a few button clicks.


Open whichever version of the CyberLink PowerDirector software you have installed on your computer. A shortcut icon for CyberLink PowerDirector will be in the "Programs" folder that you can access through your "Start" menu.


Click on the yellow "Import" button toward the top center portion of the main CyberLink PowerDirector software window.


Select "Import Media File(s)." This will open a new "Open" dialog box on-screen.


Point the "Open" dialog box to the place on your hard drive where the video clip(s) you want to import into CyberLink PowerDirector are held. Once you have done that, click on the icon of a video clip one time to select it.


Click "Open." That video file will now be imported into CyberLink PowerDirector.

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