How to Import Text to a PowerPoint

by Julius Vandersteen

When you create a presentation slide show with PowerPoint, part of the Microsoft Office suite that includes Word, you can easily import a text file instead of typing it directly into PowerPoint. For example, a member of your warehouse team creates an outlined document formatted with headings that describes safety procedures for new employees. She gives you the document, and you use the text in a PowerPoint slide presentation to show people at a worker orientation meeting.


Click "Start" from the taskbar. Click "Programs," then click "Microsoft Office," then click "PowerPoint" to launch the application.


Click the "File" tab, then click "Open." Click the folder that contains your PowerPoint presentation, then click the presentation to open it, or click "New" to create a new PowerPoint presentation.


Click the "Home" tab, then click the disclosure triangle next to "New Slide" in the "Slides Group."


Click "Slides from Outline."


Click the folder on your computer that has the text file that you want to import. Double-click the text file to import it into the presentation. If the document has heading styles and is saved in Microsoft Word format or Rich Text Format (RTF), PowerPoint uses the heading styles in the presentation, making a new slide for each heading section of text. If the document is saved as plain text, PowerPoint makes an outline based on paragraphs, with each paragraph in its own slide.

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