How to Import in SecureCRT

by Suman Medda

SecureCRT is a terminal-based application designed by VanDyke Software. It is mainly used by computer professionals for secure connections. The software supports SSH, FTP and Telnet with session management and enhanced security features. It allows for streamlining of repetitive tasks through programming in the terminal in addition to up to five thousand concurrent sessions. SecureCRT is preferred by a large user group, as it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Step 1

Use Notepad or Textedit to open a new text document. Copy and paste the VBScript code for importing from the VanDyke website into the text document.

Step 2

Replace "g_szProtocol" in the VBScript with the desired protocol for the import. For example, if SSH2 is preferred, replace it with "ssh2." Save the text file.

Step 3

Open SecureCRT. Choose "Run" from the "Script" menu.

Step 4

Browse to the VBScript file and double-click on it to choose it.

Click "Run." The CRT sessions that are saved on the computer are now imported into SecureCRT.

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