How to Import a Route to a Nuvi

By Si Kingston

Custom GPS navigation routes, also referred to as point-of-interest files or POI files, typically provide directions for special tours, tourist attractions, restaurants or destinations that are off the beaten path. You can download custom routes to your Garmin Nuvi GPS, but you need to understand what's necessary. A custom route must be formatted in GPX format, and you must have Garmin's proprietary POI Loader software downloaded to your personal computer.

Step 1

Open Garmin's POI Loader on your computer. you can download the software from Garmin's website, Click on "Extras" at the top center of the home page, then click on "Services" at the bottom of the new page. The POI Loader download link is toward the bottom of the page that materializes. (A direct link to the POI Loader page is below in the Resources section.) Click on the software download link and follow the installation prompts to install the POI Loader on your computer.

Step 2

Connect the Garmin Nuvi GPS to the computer with the USB cable.

Step 3

Choose "Garmin Device" in the POI Loader software interface. Click "Next."

Step 4

Choose the drive that represents the connected Garmin Nuvi [e.g., Removable Disk (E:)]. Select "Next."

Step 5

Select the option to install new POIs. Click "Next."

Step 6

Hit the browse button and find the custom route file on the computer.

Step 7

Select either "mph" or "kph" as the unit measurement to be used to calculate distance on the Nuvi. The software will load the new custom route.