How to Import Ringtones to a Samsung Convoy

By Andrew Tennyson

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The Samsung Convoy, also referred to as the SCH-U640, comes with a selection of preloaded audible tones that you can assign to play when you receive an incoming call or text message. If you find the default selection of tones on the Convoy too limited, you can add new ringtones to the phone either by transferring them from your computer or by downloading them from the Verizon Media Center.

Import From Computer

Step 1

Press “OK” to view your Convoy’s main menu.

Step 2

Press “9” to open the Settings & Tools menu.

Step 3

Press “2” to view the Tools menu.

Step 4

Connect the Convoy to your computer using the USB cable that came with the phone.

Step 5

Press “8” on the phone to select USB Mass Storage from the Tools menu. An AutoPlay dialog appears on your computer when the connection is established with the Convoy.

Step 6

Click “Open folder to view files” from the list of options displayed on the AutoPlay dialog on your computer.

Step 7

Browse to the location on your computer where the ringtones you want to import are saved.

Step 8

Drag and drop your ringtones into the “My_Music” folder on your Convoy.

Download From Verizon Media Center

Step 1

Press “OK” to view the main menu and press “9” to launch the Settings & Tools menu.

Step 2

Press “4” to view the Sounds menu. Press "2," then press "1."

Step 3

Press “1” to visit the ringtones section of the Verizon Media Center.

Step 4

Scroll through available ringtones, highlight the one you want to download and select “Download” to import the selected tone into your Convoy’s ringtones library.