How to Import a Playlist From iPod to iTunes

by J.S. Copper

iTunes has the ability to create playlists of songs to sync with your iPod. The latest updates to the iPod line have added the ability to create multiple playlists directly on the device, without the iTunes middleman. Creating the playlist is nearly the same as in iTunes, you name the playlist and add your songs. The next time you sync your iPod or iPhone with iTunes, the playlists transfer back to your library. You can then listen to the playlist via iTunes and further edit the playlists.

Open the "iPod" application.

Tap "Playlists," then "Add Playlist..."

Enter a name for the new playlist, tap "Save." Browse the list of songs on your iPod, tap the "+" icon next to each song to add it to the playlist. Click "Done" when satisfied.

Connect the iPod to your computer with the USB iPod cable and open iTunes.

Select the iPod within iTunes and click "Sync." The playlist(s) you've created on your iPod will sync back with your iTunes library, available within the iTune's "Playlists" sidebar.

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