How to Import Pictures From Scanner

By Michael Jones

A scanner allows you to create digital copies of all your hard documents
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A scanner is an external computer device that allows users to make digital copies of hard file documents in seconds. It is like a copy machine that copies the file onto your computer instead of a piece of paper. Each scanner comes with its own software that helps you manage scanned documents or pictures. Some people like to edit photos once they are scanned onto the computer. It is a good idea to import your scanned photos to an editing program, like Adobe Photoshop, so you can edit them before you save them.

Make sure your scanner is properly connected to your computer and turned on. If you have an all-in-one printer/scanner device, the device will likely be plugged into one of the serial ports on the back of the computer tower. Also make sure that the AC adapter is plugged into the wall. If you have a stand alone scanner, it will either be plugged into the USB port or a serial port on the computer tower. As long as your scanner turns on and is detected by your computer, you're good to go.

Turn your scanner on.

Open Adobe Photoshop.

Click on "File."

Scroll down to "Import" and then select "WIA support."

Choose a folder where you would like to save the imported pictures and then click "Start".

Select the "Open Acquired Images in Photoshop" option if you would like to open your images once they are imported. If you are importing many pictures, you may want to de-select this option, as it will slow down the process and crowd your computer screen.

Select the "Unique Subfolder" option if you want to save the imported pictures to a folder with the current date.

Select your scanner device from the list of devices. If your scanner isn't listed, it isn't properly connected to the computer.

Select what type of image you want to scan. There are four options: Color Picture, Grayscale Picture, Black And White Picture or Text, and Adjust The Quality Of The Scanned Picture. The last option allows you to fully customize your picture settings.

Click "Preview" to view the scan, and then press "Scan" to import your pictures. The imported pictures will be saved in ".BMP" format.