How to Import Photos From SD Cards

by Herman Cruz
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An SD card, also known as a secure digital memory card, is a widely used Flash memory accessory that enables you to increase memory storage in various mobile devices including cell phones and digital cameras. For instance, if your digital camera only gives you enough memory to store a small number of photos, you can insert an SD card in the SD input to increase the amount of pictures you may take with your camera. Once your SD card is full, you can import the photos to your computer.

Step 1

Remove the SD card from the digital camera or cell phone that has the pictures you want to import.

Step 2

Insert the SD card into your computer's SD slot. Generally, laptops have the SD slot on the side and desktops have it on the front of the system unit. Once you insert the SD card, a window will display on the computer screen that reads "Removable Disk."

Step 3

Double-click the option that says "Open folder to view files" and then double-click on the "Pictures" folder to view the pictures that are stored in the SD card.

Open the folder in your computer where you want to import the photos. Drag the photos you want to import from the SD card "Pictures" folder to the computer folder you opened. Remove the SD card from the slot and the pictures you dragged will now be stored in the computer folder.


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