How to Import Outlook Contacts Into Outlook 2007

by Debbie Campbell

Outlook 2007 is a version of a popular contact and time management program from Microsoft. If you have recently installed Outlook 2007 and were previously using another time management program, such as Lotus Notes, Excel or Access, you can move contact information directly into Outlook 2007 rather than having to retype it into the new program.


Open Outlook 2007 and click the "Contacts" button at the bottom left.


Locate the File tab at the upper left of the window. Click the tab and select "Import and Export." This will open the Import and Export Wizard window.


Select "Import from Another Program or File" and click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page.


Select your file type on the Import a File page and click "Next" at the bottom of the page. Outlook should be able to locate the file that you want to import; it will show you the file that it has located for your verification. If the program found the correct file, click "Next"; if it was not, you can use the "Browse" button at the top to manually locate it.


Specify how you would like to handle duplicate records--whether you would like to create multiple records, replace existing records with new records of the same name, or not import any duplicates found.


Choose a destination for the imported contacts. Outlook 2007 is set to automatically save the file to the Contacts folder; you will have the option to change this if you wish.


Click "Finish" at the bottom of the page, and Outlook will import your contacts.


  • check Check the program where your contacts are originally stored to find out if you need to follow any special instructions for exporting information to other programs.
  • check If you upgraded to Outlook 2007 from an earlier version of Outlook, your contacts will be imported automatically.


  • close If you need to import contacts from a program located on another computer, the machines must be linked by a network. If they are not, save the contacts file to some type of portable media, and then move them to the new computer.