How to Import Open Office Draw to Microsoft

by Addie Kaye

You can use OpenOffice Draw to create and edit images. OpenOffice Draw contains features commonly found in graphic editing software such as line and shape drawing, layering and image effects. In addition, OpenOffice Draw contains a wide range of shapes, symbols and font styles that you can automatically insert into your images. You can view images you created in OpenOffice Draw in Microsoft programs by exporting the image to a common graphic format.

Start OpenOffice Draw and open your desired image by clicking "Open" from within the File Menu and selecting your file name. If you want to create a new image, click "New" from within the File Menu and select "Drawing" as the file type.

Edit the image using OpenOffice Draw functionality.

Press "Export" from within the File Menu when you are ready to save your work.

Click the arrow next to the text input box alongside the words "File Format." This will open a drop-down menu for you to select your desired file format.

Select a file format that is compatible with Microsoft software such as BMP, JPEG, PNG or TIFF.

Enter a name for the image file in the "File Name" text input box and click "Save" on the right of the screen.

Import the image into Microsoft Paint by opening the Paint program and clicking "Open" from the File Menu and selecting the image you created in OpenOffice Draw.

Import the image into Microsoft Word by creating a new Word document. Click on "Picture" within the Insert Menu and then press on "From File." Find the OpenOffice Draw file on your computer and double-click to select.

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