How to Import OFX in Quicken

By John Mitchell

Import OFX in Quicken
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Open Financial Exchange (OFX) is the primary format used for importing data into Quicken. When your financial institution data is not updating properly through Quicken's Web Connect feature, then you can download a QFX file from your bank or credit card's website. Quicken Financial Exchange (QFX) is an implementation of the OFX data standard and easily imports into Quicken.

Import QFX From File Manager

Download and save a QFX file from your bank or credit card website. It should contain the financial data for your account.

Locate the QFX file and double click it. This opens up the file in Quicken.

Select the account from within Quicken when prompted. Quicken will import the financial data into the account register.

Import QFX From Within Quicken

Open the Quicken program on your computer.

Select the "File" option from the top navigation bar.

Click "Import" from the drop-down menu. When prompted, select the account that corresponds to the QFX file.