How to Import iCal Into iWork Numbers

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It is possible to import iCal calendars into Apple's iWork spreadsheet "Numbers." In order accomplish this, you must convert your data into an intermediary format. The comma separated value (CSV) format is an intermediary format that is accessible both from iCal and Numbers. Unfortunately, iCal does not save a calendar file in CSV. You will require a utility application to convert from iCal standard (ICS) to CSV. Once your calendar is in the CSV format, Numbers is equipped to import it.

Step 1

Export your iCal calendar. iCal backs up calendars to ICS files. From the "File" menu in iCal, choose "Export."

Step 2

Convert your ICS file to a CSV file. It is a simple text conversion, but it requires a utility. A freeware application is available for download from Félix Chénier. Look for "" Other applications can also handle the task, such as Mozilla SunBird or iCalMaker. (Find links to all in Resources.)

Import the CSV file into Numbers. You can either drag the CSV file into Numbers, or you can choose "File" then "Open" from the menubar.


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