How to Import an Excel File Into Quicken

By Martin Williams

Importing data from Excel into Quicken is an easy process.
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Quicken is one of the more popular financial programs used today. The software offers users ways to organize their finances and keep track of expenses. Microsoft Excel is a versatile spreadsheet program that can be used to keep track of finances. Importing financial data from an Excel spreadsheet into Quicken will help you keep your information synced.

Step 1

Open up the Quicken program. In the "Property & Debt" menu, click on "Quicken Home Inventory."

Step 2

Click on "File Menu," then choose "Import."

Step 3

Choose "Comma-separated" or "Tab-separated." This will depend upon the type of Excel file you used. Select the Excel file you would like to import.

Step 4

Click "Open" to open the Excel file. In the "Import" window, make sure the column names on the imported spreadsheet are the same as the field names in Quicken Home Inventory.