How to Import Data From the Internet to Excel

by Pamela Gardapee

Many times, people have a need to import data from the Internet. Using excel as a way to import the material will allow the user to rearrange the material the way it is needed to display. Entire pages or only partial section can be import depending on the need. Multiple imports are done one after another until the information is gathered and imported. This method of data scraping works for large or small projects.

How to Import Data From the Internet to Excel

Open up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Save the spreadsheet as whatever you will call it. Click the column and row where the information should go when imported.

Click on the data tab at the top of the page. This will open up a drop down box where it will say import external data. Click on import external data and another drop down box will open up. There will be a choice of import data, new web query or new database query.

Click on new web query. This will open up a new window, which will display your homepage as a default. In the address box, type in the Internet URL that will need to be imported into excel and click go.

Click on the tiny yellow boxes next to the tables that need to be imported into excel. After clicking on the yellow box, the box will turn green, which means it is ready to import. Remember if there are more than one yellow box on the page, everyone has to be imported separately or by clicking the very top yellow box.

Click on the import button. This will start the import. If you forgot to select a box to start in as described in Step 1, a box will pop up and ask where to start the import. Select the row or column and the data will import.

Arrange the imported materials the way you need it and repeat if more information is needed.


  • check Use the import function as a way to speed up copying of information from the Internet.


  • close The data will have to be formatted after importing it.

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