How to Import CDs in an MP3 Format

by Stephen Lilley

When songs are burned to a standard audio CD they are encoded in the "CDA" file format. This format allows you to play them on a standard CD player. If you want to import them onto your computer, doing so in the MP3 format will give you a lot of options as to what to do with them. The MP3 format is compatible with most audio file playing programs as well as portable media devices like iPods and other MP3 players.

Place the CD you want to import into your computer's CD drive.

Click "Rip Music from CD" and then "OK" from the window that opens. This will open the native Windows Media Player which will be all set up for importing the contents of the disc onto your computer.

Check the boxes next to the songs you want to import.

Click the "Rip" button in Windows Media Player. Click "More Options". Change the "Format" listed in the drop-down menu from "WMA" to "MP3". Click "OK".

Click "Start Rip" to import the songs from a CD onto your computer in the MP3 format.

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