How to Import an AutoCAD Drawing to Excel

By Wolfram Donat

AutoCAD is highly compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel. You can insert a Word document into AutoCAD, you can insert an Excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD and you can insert AutoCAD images into Word and Excel. A procedure that is not done very often is inserting AutoCAD images into an Excel spreadsheet, but it is relatively easy.

Step 1

Open the drawing that you want to insert into Excel.

Step 2

Select everything in the drawing, either by clicking "Edit" and "Select All," or by dragging a crossing window across the entire drawing.

Step 3

Right click and select either "Copy" or "Copy with base point." Selecting with base point allows you to select a spot on the drawing as a reference point for the copy/paste procedure.

Step 4

Open the Excel file in which the AutoCAD file is to be imported. Select the point in the file where you would like to place the AutoCAD file.

Step 5

Right click and select "Paste special." A dialog box appears, giving you the option to paste as an AutoCAD drawing object. Select this option.

Step 6

Click "OK." Your drawing will look like a picture that has been inserted and if clicked on will show grips to size the AutoCAD object.