How to Get the IMEI Number Without a Phone

By Zyon Silket

There are many reasons you might need your IMEI number.
i David Roth/Stockbyte/Getty Images

There are multiple reasons you might need to obtain the IMEI number of your phone. It is equivalent to the serial number and it identifies the make and model of device you own. You may need to give this information to your insurance company to prove you owned the phone, you may need it to validate your warranty with the manufacturer or you may need for personal reasons. There are several ways to obtain the IMEI number without the phone.

Look for the packaging box for the phone. The IMEI is printed on the outside of every box to help a sales rep expedite the process of setting up your wireless account.

Find the contract you signed when you purchased the phone. If you did not sign a contract, look for the sales receipt for the phone. If you purchased it from a wireless dealer, the IMEI of the device is on the contract and/or receipt. This allows you provider to track warranty claims.

Check your online account. Every major wireless provider offers you the ability to set up an online account to check your plan details, usage and gain assistance with better understanding how to use your device. The website also lists the type of device and the IMEI number associated with your account.

Contact customer care. They maintain warranty records for every device you purchase. Advise the representative what model of phone you have and they can provide you with the IMEI number.