How to View Images After Saving on a Sony Cyber-shot (4 Steps)

By Matt Koble

Taking pictures with a Polaroid 600 camera is as simple as clicking the shutter.
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Sony's Cyber-shot line of digital cameras includes a review mode to let you browse through the pictures you've already taken. When you take a new picture, the photo is automatically displayed onscreen for a few seconds before disappearing. Reviewing the photos enables you to examine the picture without a time limit. While reviewing photos, you can also choose to delete the ones that didn't turn out quite right.

Step 1

Press the camera's "Playback" button. While the button's location differs by Cyber-shot model, it looks like a classic "Play" button on a DVD or MP3 player, with a small triangle pointing to the right.

Step 2

Scroll left and right through saved images with the "Next" and "Previous" buttons, which look like left- and right-facing arrows. They're typically on the camera's circular Control button. If you have a touchscreen Cyber-shot model, they're on the left and right sides of the screen.

Step 3

Press the "Delete" button, select "This Image" and press the circular Control button's center to delete an image. On touchscreen models, tap the trashcan icon and select "This Image."

Step 4

Hold the Cyber-shot's shutter button down halfway to leave the picture viewer and return to taking pictures. For touchscreens, tap the screen's camera icon or holding the shutter button down halfway.