How to Scan an Image Using the Microsoft Scanner Wizard

by Richard Burke

You may want to scan some your old photo prints to save them as computer files, add them to a photo show or use in a digital photo frame. Many people have all in one printers that double as a copier and printer. You can place photos on the copy class and easily scan them with the Microsoft Scanner and Camera wizard.

Scanner and Camera Wizard

You can access the scanner camera wizard from your control panel or start menu. Select and click on the icon of your scanner or in this case and all-in-one printer.

Welcome screen

Confirm that you have identified the correct device. In this case it is the Dell PhotoAIO Printer 942. Click next.

Preview Step

Clean the scanner glass and place your photos on the class face down. Close the scanner cover. Select color picture from the menu. You can also scan documents, black and white photographs and illustrations. Click PREVIEW

Selection Step

Notice, I put two images on the scanner bed. I want to save each one as a separate image. With your mouse drag the corners of the bounding box and move the box until you have selected one image. In this case the bottom image.

Scanning the image

We have now moved the bounding box to select the bottom image only. When we hit next, only the bottom image will be saved. When you are finished with this image, you can navigate back to the preview selection and select the top image to save to a second file. You can scan as many images as you can fit on the scanner glass. You do not have to preview a second time. Clicking next will begin the final scan of the image.

Saving the Image

Before the scan begins you will prompted to identify where you want to save your image and in what file format. You can also edit the name at this time.


You can now finish the wizard by doing nothing. You will find your image at the saved location. You can also navigate back here to the preview step so that you can adjust the bounding box and scan the second image.


  • check Batch scanning saves time. You can load 4-6 images on most scanner beds.
  • check Under the advanced setting tab you can adjust the scan resolution and brightness of the image. Higher resolution is lost on CRT screens but if you are printing this image you can maximize the scan resolution.
  • check Some scanners allow you to work with ICC profiles.


  • close Make sure the image and class are clean. You don't want to scan dirt in to your image.

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