What is IEFrame?

by Carl Mathie

An ieframe.dll is a component of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. When you install Internet Explorer, the ieframe.dll is installed in your computer and can be found in the computer registry.


DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. DLLs are an important part of the Microsoft Windows operating system as they contain data and code that can be used by different programs simultaneously. The fact that different programs use the same data makes the system more efficient but also more interdependent.


The ieframe.dll is a DLL used specifically by Internet Explorer during browsing, although it also interacts with the Windows operating system during use. As a User Interface library, it contains data and codes crucial to user interaction on the Internet.


Because .dll components are heavily interdependent on each other, problems can occur as a result of a breakdown in a chain of information. For instance, a new version of Internet Explorer might not interact properly with an older version of Windows, causing a .dll error. You can usually fix ieframe.dll errors easily by downloading updates provided by Microsoft or reinstalling Internet Explorer, but they can also be caused by viruses, so it is important to carry out a scan on your computer if a problem arises.

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