How to Identify Refurbished Products

By Contributing Writer

Updated July 21, 2017

Identify Refurbished Products
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Refurbished computer products are typically desktops or laptops that have been returned to the manufacturer because there were problems found or the customer of the computer product was dissatisfied with it. No refurbished product can be sold as new, and the box in most cases will be different to indicate that it is not new. There other specific indicators to look for to confirm that you have a refurbished product.

Look for a red or green lettering of "Refurbished" on a white background on the packing box. This is the first indicator that you have a refurbished product.

Look for a non-descript box, such as one lacking a company name. This will be the second indicator that the product is refurbished. Most refurbished products will come out of a different warehouse/building.

Look to see if you have a packing manifest of your unit. Typically it will state that you have ordered one PC computer/laptop instead of the manifest listing all components that are in your computer, like new computers will list. This will be your third indicator.

Look to see if you have any stickers for refurbished on your computer/laptop. This will be your fourth indicator.

Verify that you have these conditions and you know for sure that you have a refurbished product.

Items you will need

  • Packing manifest

  • Packing box

  • Purchased computer