How to Identify Private Calls

By James Green

Tracing a private call is a straightforward process.
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When you receive an unsolicited or unwanted phone call, the caller ID will often be blocked. You may wish to obtain information about the phone call. A caller has a number of ways to protect his phone number from being viewed. Despite those methods, the process for tracing an unsolicited phone call is relatively straightforward and after following a few simple steps you can use the caller information to stop unwanted calls in the future.

Dial 57 immediately after receiving the private phone call. As the call was private, you will be put through to an automated service that will provide you with the caller's true phone number. If you don't have a subscription for the 57 service, you will be charged.

Conduct a reverse look-up. There are many websites online that offer a reverse phone number look-up service. If the number is publicly listed, you may retrieve the caller's name and address.

Contact your phone service provider and ask it to place a block on the number. A small service charge may be placed on your account for blocked telephone numbers.