How to Identify Logitech Webcam

By Gregory Hamel

A typical USB webcam.
i webcam image by Régis Verger from

Logitech is a manufacturer or electronics including computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice and webcams. Webcams are useful for video conferencing over the Internet and taking quick snapshots of objects to upload to the Internet. If you are using a webcam produced by Logitech, you may wish to know the exact type of camera you are using in order to troubleshoot problems or look for reviews or software support.

Check the Webcam in Device Manager

Connect your webcam to an open USB port on your computer. Logitech webcams connect to computers with a USB cable that comes from the camera.

Click "Start," "Control Panel," "Administrative Tools," "Computer Management," "Device Manager," then click the plus (+) sign next to "Imaging Devices."

Right-click on your webcam in the list of imaging devices and select "Properties" to view information about the webcam.

Identify Webcam Using the Part Number (P/N)

Check the end of your webcam's USB cable for a tag with letters and numbers.

Look at the side with the Logitech logo. There should be three pieces of information; a number labeled M/N, which is the model number; a number labeled P/N, which is the part number; and a field called PID, which is the product ID.

Record the P/N on the label and then go to Logitech's webcam reference page (see Resources).

Search through the list of webcams in the chart and find the one with the P/N that matches yours. This will allow you to identify the camera's name and the software and driver type that it uses.