Ideas of What to Use As a TV Stand

By Theresa Leschmann

Many options for TV stands exist; some can be used as is, while others may be easily adapted. Some will only accommodate smaller sets, and others will support larger sets. The choices are limited by your budget, sense of style and imagination. Some pieces may already exist in your home, while others will require making a purchase.

Stand for Smaller TVs

A bar cart with a top shelf and one to two lower shelves is a good choice for a smaller TV. If it only has one lower shelf, you may be able to modify the cart to support a second shelf. This would allow it to support the TV and a DVD player or game console. A bar cart is also portable, making it easy to store out of the way when not in use.

A microwave cart could function similarly. A standing jewelry case would support a smaller TV nicely, though generally the drawers don't adapt well to storing media items other than remote controls.

Stand for Larger TVs

An armoire is the perfect choice for a larger TV. Many come divided vertically by a shelf or one can be inserted. The TV sits in the upper cabinet section and media can be stored down below. Closing the doors when not in use leaves an attractive piece of furniture in whichever room houses it.

An old dresser can easily be converted to TV stand duty. Drawers make excellent storage compartments for DVDs, video games and remote controllers. A small dresser takes up less space, while a wider one can accommodate speakers or other media components.

An old sewing machine cabinet can be called into service as a TV stand. Some have compartments for storage, while others may need to have the internals removed and shelves mounted if additional storage is needed.

Stand for Flat-Panel TVs

For an art-deco look, consider a sturdy wooden art easel. They can be found at secondhand shops, art supply stores and all over the Internet. The cross beam is adjustable so you can raise or lower the height to your liking. You may need to add some screws on the uprights to hold the TV in place securely. An easel can stand against a wall or in the corner of the room, giving you more layout options, and it makes an interesting statement in the room.