Ideas for Powerpoint Presentations on Opening a Daycare

By Louise Balle

When you're trying to get the attention of investors to open a daycare center, an in-person presentation may be in order. A presentation would also be useful if you are trying to instruct others on the steps involved with opening a daycare. A PowerPoint presentation could be helpful to your case and get the information across in a way that words can't always achieve. The PowerPoint needs to be concise and informative, yet fun and somewhat lighthearted to go with the subject matter: taking care of kids.

Photo and Font Choices

The visual design of your PowerPoint presentation can influence your audience. If the attendees see that you 1) can relate to children and 2) can put a professional product together, you will increase your chances of a good meeting.

Choose pictures of happy kids throughout your presentation. Use informal fonts (like Comic Sans) and colors that kids like, including pastels, oranges, reds, yellows and blues. Leave plenty of white background space in your presentation and place your "happy kids" pictures to the left or right of your text on each slide.

Organizing Your Daycare

Keep your daycare presentation short and sweet. Use it as a support to your arguments rather than as the central element of your presentation. Organize it as follows: an introduction, about you and the management (including experience with kids), information about the proposed daycare location, current daycares in the area (if any) and other threats, your marketing plans regarding the daycare (such as soliciting parents at community events), and financials. Add more sections as you see fit.

Pictures of Kids as Bullet Points

To expand upon your kids theme, another great yet simple idea would be to use a picture of a happy child's face for your bullets instead of the standard dash, square, circle or number. Just right-click inside of your text box in PowerPoint and select "Define New Bullet" or similar. Choose "Picture" to add a photo of your choice from your computer to your document as a bullet.

Add Videos

PowerPoint allows you to embed videos in your presentation. Use this to your advantage. If you have already opened and run a successful daycare or you take care of kids in another atmosphere, create a video about your work. Include your own comments (or even snippets from an interview) regarding your passion for helping parents and kids and for establishing this new daycare center.