How to View the Icon Glossary on a Verizon LG Phone

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Spending a few moments browsing the Icon Glossary on your Verizon LG cell phone will help you to recognize some of the phone's key functions and features. The glossary is also a useful tool if you accidentally hit the wrong button on the phone's keypad and display an icon that you don't recognize. The Icon Glossary is available on most older LG cell phones, including the Glance, Versa and handsets in the VX series. Use the Verizon LG cell phone's keypad to navigate and view the gallery of icons and their descriptions in the Icon Glossary.

LG Glance Camera Phone

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on the keypad while the phone's active with the keyguard disabled. Press the "0" key with the lock icon on the keypad if you need to disable the keyguard before carrying out this procedure.

Step 2

Press the "9" button to launch the Settings and Tools menu.

Step 3

Push the "*" star button to open the "Phone Info" screen.

Step 4

Press "3" to view the Icon Glossary page.

Press the directional arrow buttons on the central control under the display screen to scroll up or down the Icon Glossary.

LG VX8360 Flip Phone

Step 1

Flip open the cell phone.

Step 2

Press the "OK" button to launch the phone's onscreen menu.

Step 3

Push the directional arrow buttons to scroll to the Settings and Tools section.

Step 4

Press the "0" key on the phone's keypad.

Press the "3" button to launch the Icon Glossary. Use the directional arrow buttons to scroll up or down the gallery of icons.

LG Versa Touchscreen Phone

Step 1

Touch the "Unlock" button on screen or press the "Lock" key on the top edge of the phone's casing twice.

Step 2

Tap the "Menu" icon on the screen.

Step 3

Touch the "Settings and Tools" screen icon.

Step 4

Scroll up the list, and then touch "Phone Info" followed by "Icon Glossary."

Scroll up and down the screen to view the gallery of icons.


  • Information in this article applies to the models described, which represent the main types of Verizon LG phones. It may vary slightly or significantly with other models.


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