ICal Stopped Syncing With Google

By Starr Kang

Fix sync problems and avoid handwriting your schedule.
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Syncing calendars allows you to constantly monitor your work schedule and keep track of key meetings and appointments; when this functionality is impeded, it can lead to missed appointments and lost business opportunities. Since iCal and Google sync issues involve two different company's products, you're unlikely to receive help from technical support, but there are a number of troubleshooting steps you can take to potentially resolve the issue.

How it Works

By syncing iCal with Google, you can update your current schedule anywhere you have access to your Google account. This can be particularly beneficial if you're scheduling appointments with your Google calendar while on the go with a cell phone. Normally, events appear in iCal almost instantaneously after you add them to Google, but there could be a brief time delay.

Ensure You're Properly Adding Events

To sync with Google account, you need to set up the account in iCal by visiting the "Calendar" menu, selecting "Preferences" and then "Accounts." If you don’t see your Google account listed in the box, it isn’t set up to sync. Click the "+" and enter your Google email address and password in the appropriate fields. Additionally, if you have multiple calendars and are adding an event in iCal, you need to select your Google account name in the Calendar field when creating an event; otherwise, the event won’t sync from iCal to your Google calendar.

Google Two-Step Verification

If you start using Google two-step verification, you need to create an application-specific password for calendar syncing work. To obtain a password, sign into your Google account, click on the icon displaying your photo and select "Account." Click "Security" followed by "Edit" beside "2-step verification." Select "Manage application-specific passwords" and enter your account password, if prompted. In the "Name" field, input a name for your iCal account and click "Generate password." Enter the password into the appropriate field in the Accounts menu in iCal. Once you’ve completed this step, your calendars should sync.

Delete and Re-Add Your Account

Sometimes, deleting and re-adding an account fixes sync glitches. Before deleting your account, create a calendar backup by navigating to the "File" menu, selecting "Export" and then clicking "Export" from the contextual menu. Select a location to which to save your calendar, then click the "Calendar" menu and select "Preferences." Click "Accounts," select your Google calendar and click the "-" sign to delete your account. To re-add it, click the "+" sign and type your email address and passwords in the appropriate fields.

Reset Sync Services

Only reset the sync services if all other troubleshooting steps have failed. Be sure to back up your calendar data before performing this step. Ensure iCal is closed, then open the Terminal application and type "defaults -currentHost write com.apple.syncservices SyncingDisabled YES" (omit the quotation marks here and throughout).

Open the "Calendars" folder located in your user library and delete any Calendar Cache files found. Navigate to the "Go" menu in in finder, select "Go To Folder" and input "/Library/Caches." Delete all files inside the cache folder by dragging them to the trash.

Open Terminal and type: "/System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/resetsync.pl full" to restart syncing. Open iCal and attempt to sync your calendars.