I Can't View Clips on Facebook

By Melly Parker

Facebook displays both uploaded and linked video clips.
i George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Sharing content and commenting on others' Facebook posts can connect your business to its followers. If you can't view video clips on Facebook sites, though, you're cut off from a major type of content. Browsers and plugins are usually responsible for any problems you experience while trying to watch clips on Facebook.

Browser Updates

Facebook recommends using the latest version of your preferred browser to view video clips on the site. Internet Explorer updates occur when Windows updates, so permitting saved updates to install might make it possible to display the video. Chrome and Firefox download and install updates automatically. If you use a browser that isn't one of the major browsers, try signing in to Facebook on a major browser to see if it supports all the features of the site.

Adobe Flash Player

Facebook recommends using the latest version of Adobe Flash player when accessing videos on the site. Adobe has a Version Finder you can use to confirm that your plugin is correctly installed and updated (link in Resources). If the Version Finder shows that you're not using Adobe Flash or that you're running an old version, install and upgrade the program to view Facebook clips.


Certain plugins and add-ons that affect video players can create an incompatibility with Facebook videos. Hundreds of add-ons can be installed on popular browsers; if you consistently have trouble accessing Facebook videos, try disabling some of your add-ons and unnecessary plugins. After you do, close the browser and then sign back in to Facebook to see whether the problem is solved.

Connection Issues

When your connection to Facebook is tenuous, video content won't load properly. If you have a bandwidth-heavy program running, shut it down and reload the Facebook clip. Large downloads, for example, can weaken your Internet connection until they're stopped or completed. Sometimes the videos posted on Facebook are unavailable because the server hosting the content is down or because the video has been removed, even though the player is still visible. Try playing a different clip to determine whether the fault is with the video rather than your browser.