I Can't Get Connected to the Internet Through Windstream

By Eoghan McCloskey

High-speed Internet providers such as Windstream always keep technical support departments on hand to assist you with any difficulties you may encounter when using your home Internet service. But it's always worth the small time investment involved to try some troubleshooting steps on your own. Many of the most common causes of connection errors can be resolved with some basic troubleshooting.

Reset All Devices

The first and often only step you need to take when troubleshooting any Internet connection is to reset all the networking devices involved. Remove the power cord from the Windstream modem as well as from any router or other networking equipment you use at home. After 30 seconds, plug all power cords back in and allow the network to reboot. Restart your computer and check the connection again once the computer boots back up.

Bypass Networking Hardware

Any networking equipment you use at home such as routers, switches, hubs or VOIP routers could potentially be preventing access; an effective way of testing if this is the case is to bypass the networking equipment. Simply remove the Ethernet cable that connects your Windstream modem to your networking equipment and plug it into the Ethernet port on your computer, thereby creating a direct connection between your Windstream modem and your computer. Reset the Windstream modem using the power cycle method and test the connection again.

Determine IP Address Information

If connectivity still isn't restored, it's necessary to determine what IP address the computer is receiving from your Windstream modem since this will help determine where the problem is. This easiest method for determining this is to access your computer's command prompt. Click the Windows orb, "All Programs," "Accessories" and "Command Prompt" in Windows. Type the command "ipconfig" and hit "Enter," and look for a string of numbers separated by periods among the command output. If the numbers before the first period are 192, 169 or if all the numbers are zeroes, there's likely a problem on the Windstream modem itself. If, however, there are any other numbers showing as your IP address, the problem is more likely with the networking hardware on your computer and you'll need to troubleshoot the computer itself.

Contact Windstream

An invalid IP address very often indicates a network problem with your provider, so the next logical step is to contact Windstream high-speed Internet support. Inform the representative of the IP address your computer is displaying as this will help him diagnose the problem. It may also be necessary for the Windstream representative to send a repair technician to your home to restore connectivity.