What Does HTTP.1.1 Not Available Mean?

By Kylie Lemon

There are many HTTP status codes indicating the status of a request.
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HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. When something like "HTTP.1.1 Service Unavailable" appears on your computer screen, it is known as an HTTP status code. There are many different status codes, each with their own specific number and corresponding meaning.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

HTTP is a generic protocol for information systems that is used not only as hypertext, but also in tasks involving name servers and distributed object management systems. Since 1990, the World Wide Web global information initiative has been using HTTP.

Status Codes

The status code is given in response to a request. A request may take the form of a user asking a server to allow him to view a certain web page. The status code then gives information about the status of the request. For example, status codes beginning with the number two indicate that the request has been successfully processed by the server. Those beginning with a four indicate that there was possibly an mistake in the request which did not allow the server to process it.

Service Not Available

The status code HTTP 1.1/ 503 Service Not Available appears when the file or service that is being requested on the Internet is unavailable at that particular moment. It may become available in the near future, but you will not be able to access it until that time.